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 optic's gm application

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PostSubject: optic's gm application   Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:23 pm

* IGN - OpTic
* Name - Anthony
* Age/Gender - Male/15[
* Country/Time Zone -
* Email and/or MSN -

What can I do to support the game?

I would personally vote at least twice a day, if I'm on late at night. I would help newbie players that join GMS. I won't be a nuisance to anybody unless I become stuck in the game...and then I would go on my hopefully un-stuck character and use @callgm to help me out if i cant fix the problem.

Are you an experienced GM?
Yes I am , but I am willing to learn the old experience wich i had . I would try my best to understand the advance course of a GM .

Will you be active on the forum and game?
Yes, I will check the forums at least 5 times a day and see if there are any activity are going on or if i am accepted for gm app.

What do you do IG?
Mostly I just sit in FM and socialize with other people, and other occasions I train myself to get RBs. If a newbie waddles upon me, I'll train him/her to a decent level until they get the idea and get more information of the game play amd ofcourse i et themvote on the sit Smile.

Do you know what do to do as a GM?
Why, yes, yes I do. GM's are like the bodyguards of this server. They watch out for anybody that tries to sabotage this server. I know the basic command and I have my own handbook.

!ban <charname> - Bans a player. [I know I must give a reason to why]
!dc <charname> - Disconnects a player. [I will use it if anyone is stuck IG.]
!warp <charname> - Warps me to a player. [I will use it if anyone uses @callgm and needs help]
!jail <charname> - Jails a player. [I will use it if anyone is being a nuisance or annoying/starting arguements with another player]
!event - Starts an event. [I will host daily events, like T/F and Jump Quests]
!item - Creates a certain item(s). [I will make items to give to the winners of events or another cause.]

You see a hacker, what do you do?
I will take a screenshot and upload it to forums and let the head GMs take care of him.

I will respect everyone on the server and almost anything. I will try to refrain from using foul language. I will not create items for myself. I will earn everything legit. I will come straight away if anyone uses @callgm.

End of the APP, hoped you enjoyed reading and i hope you choose me too Razz TY for reading
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PostSubject: Re: optic's gm application   Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:46 pm

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optic's gm application
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