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 Donations and Rewards (ORIGINAL FROM SITE)

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PostSubject: Donations and Rewards (ORIGINAL FROM SITE)   Sun Aug 14, 2011 5:32 pm

Info has been gather from

1): You have no right what so ever to refund any transaction donated. It is a non-profit donation, not a purchase.

2): All gifts given for donating are "thanks you" gifts for the donation.

3): Donations are and will only be used for server fees.

4): You donate out of free will.

5): You are not allowed to charge back for any reasons.

6): The Admin reserves the right to deny your donation for any reason.

7): Donations are to be send in USD form or automatically denied & refunded.

Donation Rewards

1$): Any medal you want

1$): Any item rare or non you want!

1$): Name change

5$): Custom name

5$): Any item scrolled 10x with gm scroll

10$): 2 items of your choice scrolled 10x with gm scrolls

15$): Unlimited supply of NX!

15$): 1000 coconuts

15$): 20 GM SCROLLS!

25$): 1msi 1 item scroll!

45$): 2msi 40 gm scrolls!

50$): Custom name, donor internship, also can be forum/chat mod

80$): Custom name, and you will be a gm! (level 3 and you can move up if you do well!)

10$): BONUS FIRST DONATOR OF 10$ WILL GET A custom name, 30 gm scrolls!, 4 items of your choice!

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Donations and Rewards (ORIGINAL FROM SITE)
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