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 (3rd GM APP) Night Hound

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PostSubject: (3rd GM APP) Night Hound    Fri Aug 12, 2011 1:36 pm

This is my 3nd Gm app and i will follow rules and will not ask gms to check it.

Hey Genisisms Staff

I'm NightHound

This Is My Gm Application
Hope U Like it

* IGN = Night Hound

* Name = Nick

* Age/Gender = 18

* Country/Time Zone= USA / Eastern

* Email and/or MSN =

Commands I will Use if Needed:

!ban ( Ban a person if hacking or other reasons
!notice (tell the other gms if someone is hacking or something else)
!jail( Jail a player if they do not follow rules)

And More


i will host lots of fun events and more
I will stop hackers from crashing the server
I Have Worked With (Rydahms)(NidoMs)(ForestStory) & More
I'm Fun and Great To Have on ur genisisms staff
I also enjoy this server and want to experience this server as a Gm
I will not abuse my gm power or anything like that
i will follow rules and regulations
I will try to make this server in the 20s on gtop100/maplestory
I will not give anything / nothing to any normal players
I will not run away for genisisms is i get bored
i will be One of the best gms u ever had


Thanks For Reading
Hope U Like it
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PostSubject: Re: (3rd GM APP) Night Hound    Fri Aug 12, 2011 4:31 pm

/Auto Declined. 1) The server hasn't been up for 2 weeks yet, and this is your 3rd GM app in like, 4 days?

/Thread Closed.
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(3rd GM APP) Night Hound
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