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PostSubject: Immaturity   Sat Sep 24, 2011 9:00 pm

There has been many posts from a few people that ive seen on here.
First of all, the first thing i would like to talk about is Age groups.
Most people who play maplestory are 9 years of age to 16 years of age.
Now im not saying that because of the way they act, im saying that because ive been playing maplestory for 6 years.

Second thing about ages.
You cant determine someones age on how they act, Im going to use a real example.. from these forums.

1 boy has the immaturity level of a 7 year old, he act like a kid, Actually i cant even say that, because my cousin acts more mature then him.
Anyways Back ontopic, One boy who is very immature said to another boy.. " -Censored the rest- Only because you're 14 NBD."
And this same immature person says it twice..

Definition to immature - Having or showing emotional or intellectual development appropriate to someone younger


So theres that immature attitude that some people have...
I just really wanted to do something about this...
An immature attitude deals with people who are still kids inside, dont understand what growing up is all about.
i use to assume peoples ages, and say "oh well your annoying so you must be 13" but thats not how to deal with people..
Either, annoy them back, Or ignore them.
Ignoring them works better and i reccomend doing so.

My introduction got closed because of some type of immaturity levels, between one of the members on forums.
He decided calling me "Fat" would annoy me, When i clearly state i dont care what other think.
Then someone else involved themselves. Unfortunetly when things get into a rumble someone has to end it.

Respect Our forum mod Tiffany. She has been working pretty hard, with all the "trolling" which i still dont understand what a troll is.

i grew up along time ago, so things nowadays i dont understand..

Well thats it for now. :]
Love, Mandy<3
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PostSubject: Re: Immaturity   Sat Sep 24, 2011 9:08 pm

Thumbs up.

Today // Is just another day....
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PostSubject: Re: Immaturity   Sat Sep 24, 2011 11:21 pm

Thank you for the respect, Mandy. I really appreciate it.
Well, people say that "trolling" is when one person is trying to annoy another person.
There's just a lot of people here that don't have anything better to do with their life, therefore they try to piss someone off. People just try too hard to annoy someone to make them super mad, but it doesn't make the person mad, it actually shows how stupid someone can be to do such a thing.
I'm very sorry for all the things that the person said to you. I couldn't really do anything, but to try to say something back to try to help solve the problem and locking the post. I really didn't want to lock it, but I just didn't want them to spam in there. I hope you're okay with me locking it. If you want me to, I will unlock it.
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PostSubject: Re: Immaturity   Sat Sep 24, 2011 11:41 pm

Lol i dont mind about what people say to me, Sometimes ive delt with Bullying all my life, and i use to let it get to me
but when your bipolar you cant let things like that get to you, because you'll do 10 more harm then the enemy did.
Unfortunetly being trapped behind a computer and not being able to back my words up doesnt help me at all in that type
of situation. But Tiffany you and the others deserve alot of respect, and i dont mind you locking my introduction, it actually
didnt bother me as much as i though it would; reason being i saw how much damage someones words can do to another, and i felt
if i was a forum mod i would have done the same thing, because your not supposed to allow people to continue spamming 1 post.

Cyber bullying is a big thing in 2011 theres alot of it going around, also im 17 years old so i dont too much offense to what others say,
That being said i must say he did act like he was maybe 4. i dont know how he runs a sever, because seriously hes a terrible Owner.

Owners shouldnt come to another sever and troll, like there is no point, just because we have more people and a better trustful community...
Although i havent been here that long i do understand how things work, only because i hop around sever to sever from time to time, but as i said in my intro
i think im going to stick around awhile, or atleast i think i said that.

Anyways sorry that i type so much i just want it all to get out..
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PostSubject: Re: Immaturity   

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