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PostSubject: READ! VERY IMPORTANT FOR GM APPLICATION.   Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:24 pm


NEW REQUIREMENT: Must have 10+ posts before applying!


Must have played for at least 1 week!

Starting from now, players should come up with their own unique format for their GM application.
Formats don't have to be fancy, but they should be appropriate and readable.

Absolutely essential information that must be included:
* Name
* Age/Gender
* Country/Time Zone
* Email and/or MSN

Other Requirements:
All applicants must play an active role at our forums.
Minimum 200+ Word Count Limit.

Other than these, it is up to you to decide what information to include and not include.

Be creative ~ and good luck! We are looking forward to reading your GM applications.

Please note the following:

If you no longer wish for your GM application to exist, Private Message a forum moderator with the link of your GM application thread and it will be deleted.
If you make another GM application and request for the previously submitted application to be deleted, BOTH GM APPLICATIONS WILL BE DELETED, along with any other GM applications you may submit in the future.

The title of the application will make your application look more appealing, and may contribute to the staff reading your application sooner.
I recommend that you use this title format: [GM APPLICATION]
Example: [GM APPLICATION] xInfinity

Please make sure you put the name of your character (in game name) in the title of your GM application.
If you fail to do so, do not make another application simply because of the title. We will edit the title accordingly.

Posting a GM Application does not mean you will automatically be chosen for the GM position.

Words of Advice:

It is not recommended for you to change the color and size of the font in your GM application. Not only is it time consuming, changing the font color and font size may have a negative effect on your GM application; different forum skins use different background colors, and while it may look good to you, it may be impossible to read for others. Additionally, the GenesisMS staff will not choose an applicant based on the "shade of blue" they have chosen to write their application in, or because it is double spaced rather than single spaced.

Keep in mind that all the applicants are human. The GenesisMS Staff is not looking for a flawless GM application.


You are only permitted to submit ONE GM application per 2 weeks.
Users who are caught making more than one GM application in 2 weeks will have their GM application(s) deleted, and may possibly receive an infraction or ban; depending on the circumstances.

You may not make another GM application if your previous GM application is still present.
Users whose GM applications have yet to be deleted should wait until the next GM application wipe to post another GM application.

Users who fail to follow these rules will receive a warning, infraction, or ban, depending on the severity. In extreme cases, the user may have their GM application deleted as well as future GM applications they might submit.

Please use English when filling out and submitting your GM application.

"The sole purpose of the GM Application section is to give players
the opportunity to become future GMs of GenesisMS."

The GenesisMS staff is doing their best to read the every one of the GM applications thoroughly, please do be patient.

If you are accepted, one of the staff will reply to your GM application thread, contact you via email/msn, or contact you within the forums.
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