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PostSubject: UNBAN FORMAT.   Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:49 pm


Table of Contents / Quick Links

<A href="#section1">How to know if you are Banned</A>
<A href="#section2">Format of an Unban Request</A>
<A href="#section3">Posting in an Unban Request Thread</A>

How to know if you are Banned

Do not submit an unban request thread unless you are 100% sure you are IP, MAC, or account banned.

IP Bans

If you get the above message when you try to log in, you are IP and/or Account banned.

MAC Bans
If you are MAC banned, you are able to successfully log into your account, but whenever you double click your character or enter a channel you are disconnected from the program and given the "Connection to the server has ended. Please try it again later" message as shown below:

Format of an Unban

Thread Title: Unban Request - [Player name]
The name above should be your IGN (AKA the name your character has when you are in game)

Thread Message:
* Login Name
* Ign
* Reason (You MUST use this webpage to retrieve your ban reason: Link. Any other ban reasons will cause your appeal to be denied.)
* Why you think you should get unbanned (Optional) (If you do include this, make it coherent and understandable. If it is not, your appeal will be denied.)


To find your MAC Address, follow these simple steps.
1. Click the Start menu button on the Windows taskbar.
2. Click 'Run...' on this menu.
3. Type 'cmd' in the text box that appears. A command prompt window launches on the desktop.
4. In this command window, type 'ipconfig /all'. Details are shown for each of the computer's network adapters. Computers installed with VPN software or emulation software will possess one or more virtual adapters.
The 'IP Address' field states the current IP address for that network adapter.
The 'Physical Address' field states the MAC address for that adapter.

If you don't follow the format, please don't expect to be unbanned, and don't be surprised to find your thread deleted either.

Rules for the Thread Poster

Do not create a new ban appeal thread if your current one has not been resolved or denied.
Do not create a new ban appeal if you have already been denied. Doing so just annoys all of us.
You are not allowed to make an unban request for anyone but yourself. This INCLUDES family members, friends, etc. Only post
for yourself.
Be patient and understanding, our staff team is working as hard as we can to help everyone equally.
Be honest and truthful, sometimes lying will just lead you to no where, if you want a second chance, be honest and do not repeat the same mistake again.
Do not post threads requesting for your ban reason. Use the website listed in the previous section.
Do not bump your Unban Request thread.
Do not double post. Exercise the "Edit" button at the bottom of your post.
Do not Private Message a GM about your ban unless requested to.
Do not leave a visitor message to a GM regarding ban appeals.

Rules for Everyone

You should only be posting if you have evidence supporting/not supporting the person (i.e. a screenshot).
Do not hold conversations in Unban Request threads.
Refrain from flaming or insulting other users. We discourage the use of profanity and insults, so do not cause a flame war. Settle disputes elsewhere, such as private messaging, visitor messages, spam sections or debate sections. This is for the admins' purpose, not users to argue about.
Be more productive in posts instead of saying "Good Luck", these posts will be deleted, and user MAY recieve a warning if not an infraction.

Specific Prohibitions:

Posting random crap in people's unban appeal threads i.e. "good luck", "you should/shouldn't be unbanned", etc
Insults to a staff member/community member/community in general
Attempts to insult the autoban system.
Stupid and unnecessary advice i.e. "post your mac" or "post your ip".

Penalties for not following the posting rules:

Your post will be deleted.
You will gain an infraction.
3 infractions: you will be banned for about 2 weeks or less.
6 infractions: you shall be permanently banned.
If you make another account after yours has been banned, you shall be permanently IP banned. This means that NO ONE from your IP shall be able to log in or make an account.

Thread Owner:
Have all your appeals ignored and removed.
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