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 GM App <3 ;)

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PostSubject: GM App <3 ;)   Tue Aug 30, 2011 5:22 pm

IGN: Tyga
Age: 13 going to 14 very soon
Timezone: GMT - 8:00
How long are you usually on:
Weekdays: Whenever I can
Weekends: Mornings to late afternoon
Day-offs: All day.
Email and of
How long have you been playing GenesisStory?: Since it was Beta and still playing.

Experience as GM: Honestly, i have never been a GM or ever applied to be one. I've always been a somewhat GM helper and I always help new comers as much as I can. Whether it's rebirthing (if thats a word o.o) or even answering simple questions. But i'm a fast learner and can pick up things quickly.

Why we should pick you for GM: You should pick me as GM because i know Right from wrong, and I won't ban somebody because I dislike/hate them. Also, I always try and help people as much as I can and sometimes when I see a hacker, and when i do @callgm it usually takes a moment for them to arrive and by then the hacker is gone.

What would you do if you found a hacker: If found a hacker, I would probably be in hide and stalk him/her to have enough evidence and take a screen shot. Then, I would confront him/her and then ban.

What would you do if a player comes up to you that he found a hacker: First thing i would do is ask for evidence. "How can you tell he/she is a hacker?" They would tell me the IGN and i would follow him/her in hide and take any screenshots as proof and then ban them.

What do you think you would bring to this server as a GM: Well, I think that I will bring positivity onto this server as well as people. I think that if i become a GM, people wouldn't be so lonely because i love socializing and making new friends

How would we benefit from you being a GM: Well since i'm pretty active, i'm able to go around and find bugs and hackers.I can also make Youtube videos about this server, therefore making the server get more players. Also, I can get along with just about anybody. Also, I won't be one of those GM's who are hated on because of their attitude. I'm the type of person who would get to know the players and put things to a vote.

If there were two players fighting and it gets out of hand what would you do?
Well, i think the first thing you should do it wait and see if they resolve it by themselves. If things don't work out in about 4-5 minutes, I would warp both of them into a map and mute one while the other one is telling their side of the story.

Thanks for reading this GM application
Wish me luck(: <3
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PostSubject: Re: GM App <3 ;)   Tue Aug 30, 2011 7:30 pm

Sorry Tyga.
This does NOT match the post requirements which is 10 Posts

//Auto Denied

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GM App <3 ;)
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