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 [GM APP] Danny

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PostSubject: [GM APP] Danny   Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:26 pm

IGN: Danny

Name: Danny Nguyen

Age/Gender: 14 and Male

Country/Time Zone: PST

Email and/or MSN: dannyng1892@yahoo (I Also have skype, and msn)

About me: Well, to start this application off, I am a 14 year old vietnamese currently living in Westminster, California. I am about to go into my first year of high school, but I am very mature for my age. I love playing sports and being athletic throughout my day but also love to participate in an indoor activity, that's where this application comes in. I'm an outstanding student throughout my school years, so I'm aiming high for my distant future. I have some hobbies as well, such as playing basketball, football, and bboying(breakdancing). Throughout my high school years, I hope to accomplish many things such as being in all AP classes, and also being valedictorian during the senior year. If I do say so myself, it does seem like I'm aiming too high for my future, but I feel as I will accomplish all of these things.

Why I should get the job: I believe I should get the job as Game Master is because I'm very dedicated, helpful, respectful, and loyal to the server. I can see by the staff, players, and community that this server will have the potential to be ranked number 1. By choosing me, I can help build a better community, introduce new players to the server so they feel as if they have to not worry about anything, knowing that the staff is doing everything they can to make the server and community a better place.

What will you bring to the server? What I can bring to the server is very respectful players through friends and family, a happy and friendly community where all the players could interact and have no fights or arguements, and I can bring rules that will be reinforced if needed to(hackers and advertisers). I can also help think of new ideas such as new events, commands, and items. That is what I can bring to this server.

Past experience as GameMaster [Server Name and proof]? I am currently Admin in DarkMS

Why do you want to become a [GameMaster/Webdev/GFX]? I want to become a GameMaster because I love the feeling of knowing when players need help, they come to me. I love helping others in any way I can. I also love to host events as a GM, whenever players are in need of events, I will be there waiting for them to ask. I also want to become a GM because I love playing this server, I just started and I think this server is already magnificent, I can tell I shall be very active throughout my days playing this server, but most importantly I want to be GM to make this server to it's full potential meaning I want to make this server as best as my abilities can make it. That is why I want to become a GameMaster.

How long have you been playing MapleStory Private Servers? I have been playing MapleStory Private Servers since around 2007 when i was 10, I remember first joining it and seeing all the players and GMs. I was very anxious to be GM after seeing them, but I know understand it means business, not just playing around with the powers. I now think I can fulfill the role as GM in this server. Servers back then are nothing compared to this one, this server is ranked number one in my head.

How would you catch hackers? How I would usually catch hackers is by going in hide, then warping to them. If I myself, see them hacking I'd take a screen shot and then jail for 1 hour, because I think players deserve one chance. If they continue to hack after that one hour is up, I'd then give them a temporary ban, or a permanent ban depending on what hack they are doing such as vac, max damage, swim, etc.

What would you do if there was a fight going on between two Staff members? If there was a fight between two Staff members, I would get warp them both into a map where I can listen to each side of the story. After hearing each side, I would think about the problem and come up with a solution, if they wouldn't agree to the solution, I'd make them talk to each other, just to let out all of the anger towards each other. That would definitely clear up their heads so they can get back to doing what they were hired for, Building a better community and not to argue with each other.

Thank you for taking the time to read my GM Application
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PostSubject: Re: [GM APP] Danny   Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:46 am

1.) Are you trying to write an autobiography of yourself?
2.) B-BOY!! AYEEE!!
3.) If you're already a admin in another private server... why are you here..?
4.) This looks like you copy and pasted an old application of your from another site..
5.) If two staff members were in an argument.. I guess you don't know us well enough.. if any of our staff were in an argument and you got yourself involved.. be ready to lose an arm. Don't be nosy. Warping us also pisses the shit out of us.

6.) Ye.


k i m h y u n g j o o n g
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Trial Mod
Trial Mod

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PostSubject: Re: [GM APP] Danny   Sat Sep 03, 2011 7:39 pm

Tess you crack me up.

[b] You got the moves like Jagger. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: [GM APP] Danny   

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[GM APP] Danny
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