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 Error Code Guide

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PostSubject: Error Code Guide   Wed Aug 24, 2011 9:19 pm

Error code: -2147467259

You need to update your drivers.
You'll need to disable it because AVG thinks some of the files you downloaded have some viruses in it, so it gets rid of them.

To disable just uncheck the resident shield.

Vista -
Windows 7 - Option1 or Option 2

It could also be your graphics driver, so check that too.
Error code: 10093

This is a problem with Windows Vista users.
1. Click Start then go to all programs > accessories > command prompt
2. Right click command prompt and click 'run as administrator'.
3. On the command prompt box type:
4. netsh winsock reset
***Press enter and restart your computer***. You should not get the error anymore.
Error Code -2147287038

This error is caused by a missing WZ file in your MapleStory v83 folder. The most common cause is a missing mob.wz. This error also happens if you have edited/custom files from other servers in your v83 folder. So just download the new one from the lists of clean .wz and .dll files located in the Guides/Tutorials section of the Forums.

Error 38

Common error which is a frequent occurrence. Simply restart the client.
Server check/Firewall

If you get an error saying there is a server check or your firewall may be blocking your connection, try disabling any antivirus you have against GenesisStory.
Your firewall may also solve the problem. That or your client may be out of date. Also MAKE SURE YOUR MAPLESTORY IS V83. But most likely the server is just down.
ijl15.dll missing

The GenesisStory client has not been placed into your version 83 folder. Put the client where your v83 folder is and open the client from there.
DC after PIC

You loop back adaptor is on. If you do not know how to disable your loop back adaptor, simply go to the section of the Forums named “How to Disable Loop Back Adaptors”.
Can not get pass login

Run the client as an admin.
If the problem continues, wait until a server restart.
If other players can get online Go to Start/Control Panel/Internet Connections and disable all Microsoft loop backs.
Stuck in character selection

Your character is stuck ingame. Go to the main website and login. Then, click on Character Fixes. If it still does not work, please get in our XAT chat box and ask a GM to D/C you.
Account does not exist/ Unregistered I.D.

Most common mistake done for this is, you installed v83 into the same folder as your normal GMS or other versions. Make a new folder on the desktop or where ever and name it something you'll remember like v83 MapleStory. Then install v83 into the new folder, put GenesisStory in the same folder and log in now. If this doesn't work, your account might have been deleted, please talk to an Admin for this.

**From mi amor, Jessica(:
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PostSubject: Re: Error Code Guide   Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:14 pm

Thanks. Very Happy
That's very usefulll.
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Error Code Guide
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